I live with my husband, Joe, and three daughters, Keeley, Bree, and Luella, in beautiful Michigan where I was born and raised. Joe and I decided that homeschooling was right for our family for many reasons. The most important reason being our desire to teach our girls in a God centered environment and root their identities in truth from the beginning.

We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Lord is Lord of our home. We are far from perfect, me especially, but I can confidently say that each year God perfects us a little more. I am not the same today I was five years ago and I hope and will be able to say the same for my family and I five more years down the road.

I hope to be able to share my journey through educating my children with this blog and encourage others who may be on the same path as our family. That is my main purpose. Of course I am not only a teacher, but a mother and a woman as well. That’s why I couldn’t resist including the “mommy plays” section of posts. Sometimes fun is just fun and wants to be shared!


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