The Best Things

I can say that right now one of the best things I like about teaching my daughters is the free control I have. I am admittedly a type A personality. So knowing that I can rework and adapt a lesson to fit my needs or even create a lesson from scratch suits me very well. I also like being able to incorporate activities and crafts whenever and however often I like. My brain lives a little in both the world of black and white book work and hands on creativity. This I think will benefit my daughters greatly in their education.

Another one of the best things I like about teaching my daughters, is watching them grow. It’s so fulfilling to hear them tell others about what they are learning. It makes me proud to witness my five year old explaining predators and prey to an adult at church. Of course when these moments of encouragement are far and few between, a homeschooling mother begins to doubt herself and all of her hard work. Yet when those moments arrive it revives the soul like nothing else can.

The best of the best things would be the time I am privileged to share with each of my daughters one and one and the time all of us have together as a family. My aim is to soak in this gift from above more and more. I need to slow down before these moments slip away! My mind tends to remain busy and distracted, always thinking on what needs to be done even when I’m sitting still. Unfortunately sometimes the best things such as creating curriculum can endanger the best of the best things like quality time with my daughters.

Lord change me before it is too late. Little girls after all do not stay little forever.

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